Import & migrate WordPress blog to Blogger


WordPress blogging system is more advanced than Blogger. It also comes with in-built import function allowing your to import any Blogger blog to WordPress. However, reverse migration of WordPress to Blogger isn’t supported by Blogger import/export feature.

WordPress2Blogger web service allows you to perform this migration in few simple clicks. Here is simple procedure:

Step 1: Login to WordPress > Manage, click on ‘export’ tab.
Step 2: Download & save WordPress WXR export files on computer.
Step 3: ‘Browse’ download file at WordPress2Blogger & click convert.
Step 4: Download the converted file and login into Blogger.
Step 5: Now upload this file using import feature in Blogger dashboard.

After the file upload, you should see your WordPress posts on blogger blog. This online conversion utility is only suitable for smaller blogs (technically, for import / export file of less than 1MB).

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  1. this has been helpful …
    i migrated from wordpress to blogger …
    all the posts and comments came to blogger just fine …
    lost all the images though 🙁

  2. i use both open office and microsoft office and i would say that microsoft office is more responsive and user friendly “:~

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