Open webpages faster in Chrome with Instant Pages feature


Is Google Chrome your default web browser for surfing the internet? If yes, how about making website browsing faster than before in Google Chrome browser? This is possible using ‘Instant Pages’ feature introduced in newer Google Chrome (version 13 and above) browser. You can activate Instant Pages feature powered by Chrome’s prerendering technology for faster web browsing in Google Chrome browser.

Enable Instant Pages for faster browsing in Chrome

1. Since this feature is only available in latest Google Chrome version 13 and above, you need to install that. If you already have Google Chrome installed on your computer, click on wrench icon and then click ‘About Google Chrome’ option. Google Chrome on your computer will be automatically updated to latest version. Alternatively, you can download latest version from website.

2. Once you update to latest Google Chrome version, click Wrench icon and then click Options. This will open Basic Chrome settings screen. Now click ‘under the hood’ tab on the left side.

3. Click to check (with tick) “Predict network actions to improve page load performance” option under “Privacy” section at the top. This will turn ON and enable Instant Pages feature in Google Chrome browser.

Websites that use instant pages syntax in their code, can tell Chrome to predict next webpage user might open. Based on those prediction, Google Chrome will loads those pages in the background resulting into quicker webpage loading.

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