How to repeat Ping website URL regularly


Ping is very useful and easy way to check connectivity issues. We can know website UP status or down status as a result of server issue using Ping command. It helps conclude on the connectivity status of your computer with the internet. You can ping any website using ping command in the command prompt window. To keep an eye on specific website URL status, you can also ping regularly within specific time period.

Ping manually using Command Prompt window

1. Click Start > Run to open Run box on your Windows computer. Then type cmd in Run box and press the Enter keyt o open command prompt window. If you do not have Run option, type cmd directly in search box and press the Enter key to open command prompt window on Windows PC.

2. Once you have black command prompt window up, type ping and press the Enter key. If you get reply from (4 times) as seen in screenshot, then connection of your computer to that website URL is working.

If you see request timed out or some error, imply there is problem with internet connection on your computer or connection of server to the internet where that website is hosted. You can check for any website status, just replace above with any website URL of your choice.

Repeat Ping website regularly using portable tool

Above method can only be used for manually pinging as and when command is executed. If you want to repeatedly ping website URL within specific period of time, then you can use free portable tool for the same.

1. Download Ping Ya Face portable tool. Unzip the downloaded Zip file on your computer. Then double click Ping Ya Face (aKa PYF) file to run the program.

2. Type name of specific website URL you want to ping. Alternatively, you can click to select ‘fill the fields for me’ option for utility to pick any website URL (like Then click Ping Ya Face button to view ping results.

3. To ping regularly, click to check Repeat Ping option. Also enter time interval between ping requests in box provided (in seconds). Then click Ping Ya Face button, program will automatically ping specific website URL regularly and display ping results in the program interface.

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