Create Recycle Bin shortcut icon & add to Windows 7 taskbar


Recycle Bin is a trash bin place for all deleted files and folders on your Windows 7 computer. Any file or folder deleted by you is sent to Recycle Bin from where you can restore any deleted file or folder. You can customize storage space allocated to Recycle Bin and you can even bypass recycle bin for direct file deletion on Windows 7 PC. For easier access, you can create Recycle Bin shortcut icon on desktop and even place or pin it to Windows 7 taskbar for quicker access.

Create Recycle Bin shortcut icon on Windows 7 desktop

1. Right click on empty space on desktop screen and then goto New > Shortcut option. This will open “Create Shortcut” dialog box.

2. In the box under “Type the location of the item” type %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe shell:RecycleBinFolder and then click Next button to continue.

3. In text box under “Type a name for this shortcut” enter Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin Shortcut (as per you choice) and click Finish button. This will create new shortcut icon on the desktop for opening Recycle Bin. Clicking that icon will open Recycle Bin on your Windows 7 computer.

Change icon image of Recycle Bin shortcut [optional]

1. Right click on new Recycle Bin shortcut icon and then click Properties option. Then click ‘Change icon’ button in the properties window of the recycle bin.

2. Then select icon image of your choice (preferably the default recycle bin icon image) and click OK button. Then click Apply button to change icon image of the Recycle Bin icon to the selected image.

Add Recycle Bin shortcut icon to Windows 7 taskbar

1. Drag the newly create Recycle Bin icon to the taskbar area. The Recycle Bin icon will be placed on the taskbar on your Windows 7 PC.

2. Clicking icon on the taskbar will open recycle bin. If you want to remove this icon from the taskbar, right click on it and then click “unpin this program from taskbar” option.

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