Change Windows 7 user account password


Do you want to change and update password used to login into your Windows 7 computer? It is important to update your user account password to prevent unauthorized login and access to contents. If you suspect some other person knows your Windows 7 login password Рthen change password immediately using easy procedure as explained below. Ideally, you should change Windows 7 user account login password regularly to avoid password discovery and illegal usage by some other person.

Modify Windows 7 user account Login Password

1. Click Start button and then click Control Panel option in the Start Menu. In the Control Panel window, click “User Account and Family Safety” option at top right part.

2. On the next screen, click “Change your Windows Password” option at extreme right under top section with “User Accounts” title.

3. This will open “Make changes to your user account” screen. Click ‘Change your password’ option at the top to open window for updating your user account password.

4. Enter your current password in the first text box and new password in two text boxes. Make sure you enter strong password with mix of numbers, alphabets and special characters.

5. Click Change Password button to save changes to Windows 7 user account login password. Next time you login into your Windows 7 PC, enter the new password as old password will fail login attempt.

Video: Change Windows 7 Login password

You can change password of your default user account on Windows 7 anytime as per requirement. It is a good computer hygeine to keep changing password after sometime to stay protected for login details theft.

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