Do I have Google Chrome browser on my computer


Google Chrome is a free browser software to surf internet on your computer. Majority of Windows users are only familiar with Internet Explorer (IE) as program to open websites. Besides Internet Explorer there are number of free web browser software like Google Chrome, Firfox, Opera, Safari. Google Chrome has leap forward all other browser software and is now best software program for surfing internet (even better than Internet Explorer).

Check if I have Google Chrome installed on my PC

You can easily check, if Google Chrome browser is already installed and ready to be used on your computer using following methods.

1. Click Start button and type Google Chrome in search box. If you see Google Chrome highlighted as in screenshot below, then click on Google Chrome listing – this will open Chrome browser and you can use it open websites.

2. Other method involves checking for Google Chrome files on Windows PC. Double click on My Computer icon on the desktop and then double click C drive icon. Now double click Users folder and then click through your username listing (like John).

Then navigate to folders: AppData > Local > Google > Chrome > Application. Alternatively, you can try to open this path directly:

Make sure you replace John with your Windows username. Once you open this folder, then double click Chrome button to launch Google Chrome on your computer.

How to download Google Chrome on my computer

If you DO NOT find Google Chrome using either of above method, then Google Chrome browser is NOT installed or present on your computer. You can proceed to download and install Google Chrome.

1. Open Internet Explorer (IE) on your Windows PC and open website and press the Enter key. This will open Google Chrome download website.

2. Click Download Google Chrome button and then click Run button to continue. Follow on-screen steps to complete downloading and installation of Chrome browser on your PC.

Once you have Google Chrome on your PC, you can set Chrome as default browser. After this all weblinks will open automatically in Google Chrome. However, if you do not like Google Chrome – you can easily remove and uninstall Chrome from your Windows PC and use Internet Explorer as before.

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