How to open .CRX files on Windows


Are you trying to open CRX extension files on your computer? CRX is a relatively newer file format, which can be a shortcut to custom content, game and application for Google Chrome browser. CRX extension is used for extension files  associated with Google Chrome web browser. For starters, extensions are plugins or addons for extending functionality and adding more feature to (Google Chrome)browser.

What is CRX file format

CRX extension stands for Google Chrome Browser Extension Archive files. Since these are related to Google Chrome – you need Chrome software on your computer to open and use these .CRX extension files. So make sure you check if Chrome is present or installed on your computer.

How to open & use .CRX files on computer

1. Double click on file with .CRX extension, ideally it should open by default in Google Chrome browser software. You may get ‘Windows can’t open this file’ error. Proceed to next step to resolve this issue and finally open the .CRX extension file.

2. In the box, under “What do you want to do?” section, click to select “Select a program from list of installed programs” option. Then click on OK button to proceed. This will open new box with title “Open with”.

3. Click on Browse button at bottom right part and another window will open. In the address URL part at the top, click and paste C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application (make sure you replace John with you actual Windows username).

4. In the selected folder, click to select Chrome icon and then click Open button. Again click Open button and this will open file with .CRX extension. Now from here on, even double clicking on any file with .CRX extension will directly open in Google Chrome browser by default.

Video: Opening CRX format files on Windows

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