Shortcut key to open file & folder properties window


Keyboard shortcuts always come real handy for working quickly on Windows computer. We have already seen cool shortcuts keys for basic routines on Windows like copy and paste text, open program in admin mode and create new folder on Windows 7. You can also use keyboard shortcut key to open File or FolderĀ Properties box on Windows. This shortcut can open Properties box of any specific file, folder and even My Computer icon.

Hold ALT key & double click to open Properties box

Ideally we right click on specific file or folder and then click Properties option at the bottom in the right click menu to open Properties window for that file or folder. You can use following shortcut procedure to quickly open Properties Window of any file or folder.

1. Press and hold down the ALT key on the keyboard while opening Properties window of any file or folder.

2. Now double click on specific file or folder with ALT key pressed down. This will open Properties window of that file or folder and you can quickly view details on the Properties window. Handy, isn’t it?

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