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Shortcuts come very handy for accessing content quickly. Google Chrome allows you to extend its funtionality through apps (applications) that can be download from Chrome Web Store. If you have installed lot of applications, getting to your favorite set of Apps can be difficult. You can ease out this by creating shortcuts for applications (and even website links) on desktop, start menu or pin shortcut icon to taskbar on Windows 7 PC.

Create shortcuts of Apps displayed on new Chrome tab

1. Open Google Chrome web browser and click + button to open new tab. It will list apps and most visited websites at top part. If you do not see them, check at bottom right (they are displayed there when minimized).

2. Right click on App name button and click ‘Create Shortcut’ option in the menu. This will open ‘Create Application shortcuts’ box. Click to check (with tick) options: Desktop, Start Menu and pin to taskbar for placing shortcut icons of the selected App at those places.

3. Then click Create button, shortcut icons of that specific application will appear at selected places on desktop, taskbar and start menu. From now on, you can double click shortcut icon to launch Application – instead of opening Google Chrome browser to launch specific App.

Create website shortcuts in Google Chrome

1. Open any website in Google Chrome browser whose shortcut you want to create. Click on Wrech icon at top right and then goto Tools > Create Application Shortcuts.

2. This will open similar ‘Create application shortcuts’ window. Select which places you want to create shortcut for the website among: taskbar, desktop and start menu.

3. Then Click create button and your website shortcut should appear for quicker access on selected places like windows desktop, shortcut icon pinned on taskbar or listed in Windows Start Menu.

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