Find latest photos on Google Image Search


Google Image Search is a useful service to find photos related to any topic, keyword and subject. By default, it will show most popular and searched photos irrespective of time they were uploaded or discovered on the internet. However, at times we need to search for only latest and recent images for an event, person, place, personality, topic, keyword and so on.

Search recent photos on Google Image Search

Now Google Image Search has new filter option allowing you to find recent photos. Each photo listing has time details, like it was discovered how many hours ago.

1. Open Google Image Search in your web browser. Type any search keyword, say we type Microsoft and click the Search icon for photo results.

2. You will see default relevant images on the results page. To filter photos by recent date, click ‘Past Week’ option under ‘Any Time’ section on the left sidebar. This will filter and start showing relevant images which are fresh and latest.

Video: Search Latest photos on Google Images

Each image also has time and days listing, like 10 hours ago, 4 days ago and so on. To return back to default display of image search results, click X cross button at top right for ‘Past Week’ image search results.

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