How to rotate image in Photoshop & not canvas


Do you want to rotate images to different direction in Adobe Photoshop software? Photos can be rotated easily to any degree and direction including: horizontal and vertical rotation. Besides this, you can also perform free transform and rotation to any side using mouse. Further, if you are editing multiple photos in a canvas – you can rotate single photo without rotating the whole canvas.

Rotate entire photo Canvas in Adobe Photoshop

1. Open any image in Adobe Photoshop program. Please note, following will rotate whole canvas – it means everything in opened image or canvas window will be rotated irrespective of individual layers.

2. Goto menu option Image > Rotate Canvas and click either of option depending on type of rotation that you want implement. Options include: flip canvas horizontal, flip canvas vertical, 180 degree, 90 degree CW and so on.

Rotate photo & not Canvas in Adobe Photoshop

1. While working with multiple photos and layers in a canvas, you may want to rotate only one single image and not rotate the whole canvas. For this goto top menu option Edit > Transform.

2. Select either of rotation option. The current selected photo layer will be rotated and not the entire canvas. The whole canvas won’t rotate and will stay in same orientation.

Free transform image rotation in Photoshop

1. Open any image or open canvas with multiple image and element layers. Then press Ctrl + T keys or goto Edit > Free Transform option.

2. This will make grid lines around the image. If you move image from corners using mouse, it will rotate in intended direction. If you pull out or push in the grid arrow, image will resize to enlarge or reduce in size.

Video: Rotate whole canvas, only image, freehand rotation

Video has 3 parts explaining: 1. Rotation of entire canvas, 2. Rotate only specific photo and not the whole canvas, 3. Use freehand transform option for rotation

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