Open Microsoft Office in safe mode without addons


Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and so on can be made more feature rich by installing Office addons and plugins. These help add more functionality to Microsoft Office programs. While these are useful, they can also cause conflict sometimes. As a result Office programs on your computer may not work as intended. In such case, you need to disable Office addons and then use Microsoft Office programs without them.

Launch MS Office programs in Safe Mode

Disabling each addon one by one can be a task. You can open Microsoft Office programs in ‘Safe Mode’ to bypass installed Office addons. By default in ‘Safe Mode’ Office addons are disabled.

1. On Windows 7, Click Start > All Programs and then point to Microsoft Office.

2. Press and hold the CTRL key and then click the name of the Microsoft Office program that you want to run.

This will open specific Office program in Safe Mode with addons disabled. Also, you can use the /safe option to open Office programs in safe mode using command prompt window.

Features disabled in ‘Safe Mode’ of Office programs

1. In Safe Mode, program Preferences cannot be saved. Also, additional features and programs are not automatically loaded. Documents with restricted permission cannot be created or opened.

2. In Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 disabled features include: synchronization, awareness, notification, messaging, and task scheduler.

3. Any previous customizations to toolbar or command bar are not loaded and new customizations cannot be saved. Also, AutoCorrect list is not loaded.

4. You cannot save template file changes. In Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, the last used Web site is not opened.

5. Recovered documents are not automatically opened. All command-line options are ignored except /a and /n. Also, files cannot be saved to the Alternate Startup Directory.

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