Change keyboard shortcuts keys in Photoshop


Keyboard shortcuts are very handy while using any program application. Adobe Photoshop software support number of predefined keyboard shortcut keys for various tasks like cut, select, open, delete, print and so on. Besides viewing complete list of keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop, you can also add new keyboard shortcuts and edit key action for existing keyboard shortcuts. This can be easily done within Adobe Photoshop program.

Add, edit & modify Photoshop’s keyboard shortcuts

1. Open Adobe Photoshop program on your computer. Then goto top menu and navigate to Window > Workspace > Keyboard shortcuts & Menus.

2. This will open box with ‘Keyboard shortcuts and menus‘ title. Click on ‘keyboard shortcuts’ tab to continue. Then select type of keyboard shortcuts that you want to edit from options in drop down menu among: Application Menus, Palette Menus and Tools.

3. Click on Shortcut listing to highlight it and press new shortcut key for specific action. Then click Accept button to save changes. You can also add and delete existing shortcuts using ‘add shortcuts’ and ‘delete shortcuts’ buttons.

Restore to default keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop

If you have made lot of modifications in keyboard shortcuts list and want to revert back all changes – you can use reset keyboard shortcuts option. This allows you to restore keyboard shortcuts list to original form.

In the top menu, goto Window > Workspace and then click ‘Reset Keyboard Shortcuts’ option. This will reset all changes made to keyboard shortcuts listing to default form.

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