Reduce height of Windows 7 taskbar with smaller icons


By default, bigger size application icons are displayed on taskbar in Windows 7 and this makes taskbar bigger in height. You can have more viewable screen space by reducing height of Windows 7 taskbar. This can be easily achieved by reducing size of application icons displayed on the taskbar. With smaller icons, the overal height of taskbar is reduced giving more slimmer and compact look.

‘Use small icons’ option to reduce┬áTaskbar height

1. On your Windows 7 computer, right click on empty space on the taskar at the bottom. This will display right click menu with different options like: toolbars, start task manager, lock the taskbar and properties.

2. Click Properties option to open “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”. Check for options under “taskbar appearance” section.

3. Click to check (with tick) “Use small icons” option. Then click Apply and OK button. Taskbar will appear with reduced height and icons much smaller in size that before.

If you find smaller icons difficult to work with, you can revert this setting. Just uncheck the ‘use small icons’ options to restore taskbar and icons to default size.

Video: Smaller icons to reduce taskbar height

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