How to chat with more than one person on Facebook


Till now we could only chat with one person on Facebook using the default chat window. Do you want to chat with more than one person on Facebook? Besides the video chat feature, Facebook now allows you to chat with multiple friends online within the same chat window. Best part, there is nothing to configure or setup. Just add online friends that you want to chat with and you can do multi friends group chat on Facebook anytime.

Start multiple group chatting on Facebook

1. Once you login into your Facebook account, you should see long chat window on right side of the webpage. It will list currently online friends.

2. Click on any online friend name to whom you want to chat. This will open small chat window and now you can add more online friends for ultimate group chatting experience on Facebook.

3. To add more friends to the same chat window, click Options icon and then click “Add Friends to chat…”. Then type name of friend(s) that you want to add.

Once multiple friends are added to your Facebook chat window, you can text chat and interact with all the added friends at the same time within same chat window.

This multiple person chat feature is also extended to Facebook Groups. If you are a member of specific Facebook group, you can quickly start chat with online members of that group. Just open specific Facebook group’s homepage and click ‘chat with group’ option on right side to start group chatting where online members of that group at automatically included.

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