How to video chat on Facebook


Do you want to audio and video chat with online friends on Facebook website? Facebook has launched new video calling and chatting feature which allows online face to face video chatting with Facebook buddies. This video chatting service on Facebook is powered by Skype. Best part, you do not have install Skype software for using Facebook video chatting. However, you do have to install small plugin file on your computer to activate video chat feature on Facebook website.

Download & Install Facebook video chat plugin

1. Click this link to download Facebook video calling plugin your computer. You will prompt box, click Run button to continue with plugin downloading.

2. Once plugin is downloaded, it will start installation automatically. You may get prompt to click Yes or Run button to continue with plugin installation.

This plugin has small size, hence it should download quickly even on slow internet connection. Once you install this plugin, you are all set to start video chatting with Facebook friends.

Start video chat on Facebook

1. In the chat window (located at bottom right), look for online friends – they will have green icon next to their name, indicating their online status.

2. Click on the name of online friend and in the new box click Video icon at top right part of the chat box. This will launch video chat window and you can get going with video chatting session with your Facebook friend.

If you get error connecting to video chat on Facebook, make sure webcam and mic are working on your computer. You can logout and login back to check for video chat feature again – it should work.

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  1. mohammad faizal b hasan says:

    i like video chat.

  2. I have a camera in my netbook but my friends can never see me 🙁

  3. May i know if my video chat that I download works? Please comment on this… thanks a lot.

    • hi please tell me how to video call and voice call on facebook i am download facebook video call pugin but this is not work please tell me

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  5. good

  6. I have no sound on video chat, what do i have to do to correct this ?

  7. nile r andall says:

    i like facebook for live

  8. nile r andall says:

    I have a netbook and no one can see me

  9. i have tried it on my compaq cq56, its not working,can someone be of help says:

    can someone help me out with facebook video chat

  10. i am download facebook video call plugin please any body tell me how to video call on facebook

    • abdul aziz ansari says:

      down load and install also then when you chat with your friend you get 3 symbole X, round for setting, othe camara you click on camara then you see your friend and talk but first download after intall then your pc or laptop ready for video call.

  11. no skype login or signup only facebook………:-)

  12. I still don’t see the button. 🙁

  13. tilak kafle says:

    enjoy on life

  14. i still don’t see the button

  15. software for vedio chating on facebook

  16. it has a slow connection, how can i solve for it?

  17. ANIL KUMAR says:

    it has a slow connection, how can i solve for it?
    give me some suggestions related to it.

  18. I want somebody to help me out for facebook video chat.

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