Shortcut to open program as administrator on Windows 7


By default when we open programs on Windows 7 computer, user does not have administrative privileges. However, to change and customize few program settings and options – sometimes we need to open specific program in administrator mode. You can quickly open any Windows 7 program in administrator mode using quick shortcut key method. Once program launches with administrative privileges, you can customize and use it as per requirement.

Shortcut key to launch programs as administrator

1. Click Start button and type name of program that you want to open with administrative privileges. For example: type Google Chrome to open Chrome browser in administrator mode.

2. Once required program is highlighted, Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Shift keys and click on program name.

3. You should see UAC (User Account Control) pop-up box. Click Yes to continue and launch program application in administrator mode on Windows 7.

Default method to open programs in administrator mode

1. Right click on any program that you want to open with administrator privileges.

2. Then click ‘Run as administrator’ option on the right click pop menu. This will open specific program in administrator mode on your Windows 7 PC.

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