Add password protection to Word documents


Do you want to protect your Microsoft Word document files from un-authorized viewing of contents? You can easily do this using ‘Encrypt with password’ feature option in Microsoft Office program. It allows you to add and set password for any Word document. Once Word document is password protected, it cannot be opened without entering correct password for the file. Any person without the correct password cannot open your Microsoft Word document files.

Encrypt MS Word document with password protection

1. Open Microsoft Office Word program on your computer. Then start new document or open existing Word document to which you want to add password.

2. Click File menu option at top left and then click Info option. This will open “information about document’ options screen.

3. Click Protect Document button next to “Permissions – Anyone can open, copy and change any part of this document”.

4. Then click ‘Encrypt with Password’ option in the pop-down menu. This will open pop-up box where you can enter password for the document.

Please note: Once you enter the password make sure you remember it – as password cannot be recovered if you forget it. Also, entered passwords are case-sensitive – be careful.

5. Enter the same password two times and click OK button. Close the document and open it again. This time you should see prompt to enter the password. Enter the correct password and you should be able to view document contents.

Video: Encrypt & password protect Word file

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