1. john allinson says:

    still cannot get passed splash screen to safe mode no matter what option i select

  2. when I start my computer in safe mode I still can’t login with out a password .

    so you didn’t give us any new .

  3. This did not work. Does not get past the password screen

  4. Still only getting the log on screen wanting password to proceed

  5. Me again

    I didnt forget my password, the computer did.
    plus it forgot my fingerprint log in.
    Now all fixed.
    Press F11 on start up select system restore, follow on screen instructions.
    I restored to a week before the log in problems.
    Now I just have to work out how to create a password recovery on a memory stick, in case it happens again

  6. Thanksyou i thought I was the only one with this problem or I thought I was doing something wrong can someone please help

  7. Neither of F8 or F11 trick is working.

  8. how to start windows7 without password

  9. Potatusman says:

    This is for XP, not vista or 7.

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