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While creating new Facebook account, you need to enter lot of details including your address, phone number and email address. By default, some of your contact information is NOT private and hence can be viewed by your Facebook friends. Majority of users do not want email address to be seen by other Facebook users to prevent spam email messages. Also, you may not want your phone number listed openly and disallow direct contact by other Facebook users. You can easily configure your contact information visibility by customizing settings of your Facebook account.

Change contact information visibility on Facebook

1. Login into your Facebook account. Then click Account option at top right and click Privacy Settings option from the drop menu. This will open “Choose Your Privacy Settings” webpage.

2. Click Customize settings option at bottom middle part of Privacy Settings page. You should see lot of options on new settings webpage.

3. Scroll down to bottom and look for ‘Contact information’ section. It will have settings for your address, IM screen name, email address and phone number. If ‘Only Me’ option is selected, implies specific information is hidden from everyone and is only visible to you.

4. You can easily switch from Friends Only to Only Me setting, just click button with down arrow key and click Customize option. This will open new settings pop-up window, select Only Me option under ‘Make this visible to’.

Alternatively, you can select specific friends from whom contact information should be hidden. Just type to enter friend name under ‘hide this from’ section. Click Save Setting to save changes to visibility settings of contact information stored in your Facebook account.

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