Copy full path URL of any file on Windows 7


Are looking for a quick and easy way to copy exact file path URL on your Windows 7 computer? By default, you can only copy actual file using copy option or copy path till folder level from address bar at the top of the Explorer window. However, with easy shortcut you can copy complete path URL of any file be it image, video or any other file type on Windows Vista and 7 PC. Once full path is copied, you can save it anywhere or paste it in Notepad for further sharing.

Save full file path URL to clipboard on Windows 7, Vista

1. Open folder to access file whose complete path URL you want to copy to Windows Clipboard and further paste in some application program.

2. Press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard and then right click on the file. You should see new option “Copy as Path” in the right click pop menu.

3. Click ‘Copy as Path’ option in the menu. This will copy full path URL of that file on your Windows PC. and you can directly paste this file path URL anywhere.

4. Alternatively, you can view or save it in a notepad file. Click Start, type Notepad and press the Enter key to open Notepad application. Right click and then click Paste option (or press Ctrl + V keys to paste).

From now on, no more wasting time manually looking for exact path URL of any file on Windows. You can use ‘Copy as Path’ option for quick copy of full path of file(s).

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