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Is Clipboard Viewer missing on your Windows 7 or Vista computer? This will be true as Microsoft has removed Clipboard Viewer utility from Windows 7 and Vista operating system due to security reasons. Ideally, we could use clipbrd command to open Clipboard on Windows XP computer. There is no inbuilt command to open clipboard viewer and view current contents copied on the clipboard. However, there are few alternate work-arounds to view and delete clipboard contents on Windows 7 and Vista PC using free Clipboard Viewer software programs.

Free Clipboard Viewer software for Win 7 & Vista

1. Download Free Clipboard Viewer program on your computer. It is a free portable utility software and does not require any installation.

2. Once download is complete, double click on downloaded file to launch the Clipboard Viewer. It will display currently copied item on the clipboard of your Windows 7 or Vista sytem.

3. To delete clipboard items, click the Delete button. This will remove and clear content copied on clipboard of Windows 7 or Vista computer.

More Clipboard Viewers for Windows 7 & Vista

While above free Clipboard Viewer program is enough for basic viewing and deletion of clipboard contents. If you want clipboard viewer with more advance features like clipboard data history, then you may download and use either of following clipboard viewer software.

1. ClipDairyIt is a full featured clipboard content viewing software program. It allows you to view history of clipboard data and is available in both install-able and portable versions (free evaluation version for 30 days).

2. Clipboard Help+Spell It is a text-based clipboard utility with features like copy history, spell check, formatting, search and lot more. It is a free clipboard viewer program.

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