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Google Chrome is free web browser software from Google. Any Windows users can download and install the latest version of Chrome from ( Google’s website. If you have installed Google Chrome and did not like it much – you can easily get rid of it. There is an easy procedure to uninstall and remove Google Chrome software from your Windows 7 computer. Once you remove Google Chrome, you can continue using default Internet Explorer web browser for browsing the internet.

Uninstall Google Chrome browser on Windows PC

1. Click Start button on your Windows 7 computer and then type uninstall Google Chrome in the search bar. You should see uninstall Google Chrome highlighted, click on it to proceed.

Alternatively, you can click Start button and then click ‘All Programs’ option above the search box. Then click Google Chrome folder to get uninstall Google Chrome option.

2. You will get pop-up box for uinstalling Google Chrome. Click to check ‘Also delete browser data’ option on the dialog box, if you want to remove Chrome preferences, bookmarks, browsing history, profile information.

3. Click Uninstall button to proceed with removal of Google Chrome browser on your Windows PC. Futher you can select which web browser you want to use as default among Internet Explorer other browsers (if installated on your computer).

Manually remove Chrome by editing registry keys

If you get error removing Google Chrome using above method, then you may edit specific registry key to delete Chrome from Windows. Make sure you backup registry before proceeding with following. If you do not know about Registry Editor – do not try this as this may crash whole system.

1. 1.Goto Start menu > Control Panel and then double click Folder Options. Click View and uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” option.

2. Open this file and save it as remove.reg file name. Make sure you select ‘all files’ as your file save type.

3. Make sure Google Chrome is closed and now double click remove.reg file. Click Yes in confirmation window, this will remove application files of Google Chrome.

4. To delete related Chrome data, goto Start > Run or press Win + R keys to get run box. Type following:

On Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google

On Windows 7 & Vista: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google

This will open a new window with Chrome folder. Delete folder with name ‘Chrome’ to erase remaining files related to Google Chrome install on your Windows computer. [via Chrome Support]

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