Print single Gmail message or full conversation


If you click Print button in Gmail, all messages in specific conversation thread will be printed. At times, you may just want to print single message (sent or received) in a conversation thread. Thankfully, Gmail does have option to print only specific single message within long conversation. Besides saving time, it saves printer ink and print paper stationary. So, choose the print routine in Gmail according to your requirement by printing only single Gmail message or complete conversation thread.

Print only single message in Gmail conversation

1. Open your Gmail inbox and then click open email message of your choice.

2. Now open specific (sent or received) message within whole conversation thread that you want to print on paper.

3. Once you open the message that you want to print, Click Down Arrow button next to reply button on the right side and then click Print option in the drop menu. This will print only opened message text from the entire conversation.

Print entire conversation thread in Gmail

1. Once in Gmail inbox, open the message conversation that you want to print.

2. Then click the print button located at top right part of the message window.

Print button is located in the center of “Expand All” button on the left and “New Window” button on the right. This will print whole conversation including all sent and received messages in the entire conversation thread.

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