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Ideally we open PDF files in Adobe PDF Reader program, which is a free software program that only support viewing of PDF files. We cannot modify PDF file content and it does not have option to count words contained in opened PDF file. For this you need you need to buy full version of Adobe Acrobat software. However, there are few ways to count number of words in a PDF document file without having to purchase additional software program.

Online tools to count words in PDF file

1. Online Word Count Count On It is a free online word counting tool for PDF, HTML, XML, CSV and text files. Click Choose File button, select PDF file on your computer and then click Count button. It will display detailed count results including: number of words, characters (with and without spaces), Asian characters, non-Asian words like displayed in Microsoft Word program.

2. Word Count tool If your PDF file contents are small, you can manually copy text from PDF file and paste in online editor at ‘Word Count tool’. After pasting the text, click Count button – it will display number of words you have pasted in the online editor of the Word Count Tool.

3. ZamzarYou can also use Zamzar online file conversion tool for counting words. Upload your PDF file and select output format as (doc) Word document. Then open converted document in Microsoft Word program and see word count at bottom left part of status bar.

Extract text from PDF & then count in Word

If you are dealing with large PDF files or you cannot upload PDF file online due to privacy and content security – there is workaround of extracting text from PDF file.

1. You can extract contents of PDF in the form of simple text using free programs like A-PDF text extractor and PDF2Text Pilot tools.

2. Paste the extracted text in Microsoft Word document and check for Word count at the bottom status bar of Microsoft Word program.

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