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RSS Feed is very convenient way to track latest updates in your favorite RSS feed reader application like Google Reader. By default, majority of blogs and websites provide RSS feed link for users to subscribe for latest and instant updates. Do you want same for your favorite fanpages on Facebook? You can easily do this using “Subscribe via RSS” feature on every fanpage on Facebook and add RSS feed of any Facebook fanpage to your RSS feed reader program.

‘Subscribe via RSS’ for Facebook Fanpage RSS feed

1. Login into your Facebook account by going to website. Then open fanpage on Facebook for which you want RSS feed link and subscribe to updates via RSS feed link.

2. When fanpage’s homepage is opened, check at bottom left part for “Subscribe via RSS” link. Right click on it and click ‘copy link address’ option.

Please note: If you are viewing fanpage contents without logging into Facebook, the “Subscribe via RSS” link will be missing. You must login to view “Subscribe via RSS” link.

3. Once you have copied RSS feed link of that Facebook fanpage. Open your RSS feed reading applications (like Google Reader at

4. Click Add RSS subscription link and paste the copied RSS feed link. From now on, you should able to view latest updates from specific Facebook fanpage within your RSS feed reader application.

If you following number of fanpages on Facebook, subscribing to RSS feeds is more convinient and easy method to track latest updates from all fanpages within single RSS feed reader application.

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