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Bored of usual text updates on Facebook? How about adding cool looking emoticon, smiley, symbol, special characters like copyright, currency, cards, snow, stars, music and many more? You can easily add and display special character symbols in your Facebook status message and comments through simple techniques like using numeric pad on keyboard and copy – paste of characters. Best part, there is no need to install or use any special software for displaying special symbols.

Add symbols using keyboard [alt codes]

1. After Facebook login, click on text box for status message. Make sure you press Num Lock button to enable it. It is located at top left row of keypad on the right side of the keyboard.

2. Then press and hold the ALT key and press number on the keypad of the keyboard. For example: Alt + 1 will make smile symbol. You can use different number combinations with ALT key for different symbols and characters that can be automatically added to your Facebook status box.

Please note – you need to use number keys on the keypad on right side of the keyboard and not number keys at top row of the keyboard.

3.  You can make more than 250 symbols using this ALT codes method. Click here to check full list of ALT codes to make symbols for your Facebook status message.

More symbols using Copy – Paste method

While above symbols can be created using ALT key + numbers, there are number of other symbols that can be added using simple copy and paste technique.

1. Click here to view huge list of special symbols that can be used on Facebook. Just select any symbol using mouse and then press Ctrl + C to copy it.

2. Then goto your Facebook account, press Ctrl + V keys to paste the copied symbol. You can paste and display these symbols in status message box and even in comments on Facebook.

There are variety of symbols including: copyright, registered trademark, money, currency symbols, blackboard bold (Double-struck) letters, antique letter characters, triangles, math numbers, comparison signs, integrals, power numbers, roman numerals, circled bubble numbers, foreign characters (Arabic, Sanskrit, Chinese, Asian), chess, cards, hands, cross, snow, star, flowers, music symbols, weather (rain, sun, snow, temperature), religion, politics, gender, love and zodiac signs.

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