Change Facebook language to English


Did you switch Facebook interface to a different language while playing around? Facebook looks all alien when viewed in language not known to you. You can easily switch back and change Facebook’s interface language to English or any other language of your choice. This can be done from your Facebook account settings. Facebook support number of languages and you can use either of language to network with friends on Facebook.

Modify language settings of Facebook account

1. Once you login into Facebook account by going to website, goto Account > Account Settings option at top right.

2. You should see settings webpage with ‘My Account’ title. Click Language tab to access language settings of your Facebook account.

3. Click the drop box next to ‘Primary Language’ to select default language to browse Facebook. You can select any one language as default primary language for using Facebook account.

Facebook supports translation into over 97 languages from around the world. Hence, you are unlikely to miss your native language while using Facebook.

Fun with English (Upside Down & Pirate) languages

Besides US and UK English languages, Facebook allows you to have fun with language selection through English upside down and English Pirate languages. Just select these one by one and see the interface text change on your Facebook profile – for sure fun!

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