View hidden characters & symbols in Word document


Every Word document file contain special characters and formatting symbols. These define the basic format and flow of text contents in a Word document file. By default, these special characters and symbols are hidden and do not display while you write text in document or preview it. If you are loat of on the actual formatting and flow of the document – you can enable and make hidden special formatting characters and symbols visible in Word document for better understanding.

Hidden paragraph marks & formatting symbols in Word

1. Launch Microsoft Word 2010 (or 2007) application program on your computer. Then open any existing Word document or start creating new document by going to File > New.

2. To view hidden formatting symbols and paragraph marks press Ctrl + Shift + * (or Ctrl + Shift + 8) keys. This will make special symbols visible in your Word document.

Alternatively, you can directly click button in paragraph section of ribbon menu to show special formatting symbols and characters.

3. You can also customize settings to always show formatting marks and symbols. To get started, goto File > Options in Microsoft Word.

4. Then click Display tab in Word Option pop-up window. Then click to check options under title “Always show these formatting marks on the screen”.

Various symbol options include: tab characters, spaces, paragraph marks, hidden text, optional hyphens, object anchors and option to show all formatting marks.

5. Click OK to save changes. Now you should see all special character symbols in your Word documents. You can easily disable and hide them by anytime.

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