Increase text size on Windows 7 computer


Is small text size on Windows 7 PC making your eyes tired? When you select high resolution theme on Windows 7, text display is very tiny and it may become difficult to read text even on large monitor display. There is option to reduce Windows resolution size to increase size of each element including text size. However, there is even better option of only increasing text size, while you keep current theme and screen resolution settings.

Change & make text size bigger on Windows 7 PC

We can easily increase text size of various elements on Windows 7 user interface by accessing text size option in the Control Panel.

1. On your Windows 7 computer: Click Start button and then click Control Panel option. This will open Control Panel window with lot of options.

2. Look for Display option in Control Panel. Click Display to open screen with options to change screen text size on Windows 7 operating system. You should see screen which reads “Make it easier to read what’s on your screen”.

3. By default, [smaller – 100%] option is selected. Click to select [medium – 125%] or [larger – 150%] option and then click Apply button. Then you need to log off and log in back to see change in text size.

Once you log back, text size of various elements on the screen will be much bigger than before. You can preview both medium and larger text size settings and keep the one that is comfortable for viewing to you.

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