Bluetooth connection on BlackBerry Playbook


Besides the wifi connectivity, you can also establish connection using Bluetooth feature on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. You can easily pair PlayBook tablet with bluetooth devices and start sharing data. Once you enable bluetooth on Playbook, you can search for Bluetooth enabled devices in the vicinity and further pair with specific device to establish connectivity.

Enable & pair with Bluetooth device on PlayBook

1. Tap Settings icon on the Home Screen to access various setting options.

2. Then tap of Bluetooth option on left side on the Settings screen. Make sure bluetooth option is set to ON state, otherwise change the status to ON from OFF.

3. Now tap on ‘Add new Device’ button and then tap on Search button to allows PlayBook tablet to search for bluetooth devices around it.

4. It will display list of available bluetooth devices and proceed by selecting device as per your choice. Confirm the pairing numbers on the PlayBook and bluetooth device match and select Yes.

Also, you can tap ‘Listen’ button to allow your PlayBook Listen for bluetooth device. Then on the Bluetooth device, select the BlackBerry PlayBook from available Bluetooth devices. Further, confirm the pairing numbers on the BlackBerry PlayBook and Bluetooth device match and select Yes.

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