Find wifi MAC address of BlackBerry PlayBook


Each device has unique MAC address which may be required while using secured connection to the internet. You may need MAC address of your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device to connect it to secured internet connection. In secured setup, wifi router will only allow connection to devices with specified MAC addresses. You can find MAC address of PlayBook and enter it wifi router settings for secured and successful connectivity.

Check PlayBook’s MAC address in Wifi Settings

1. Tap on Settings at top right part of the screen on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device.

2. Then tap on Wifi option in the left sidebar. On the Wifi settings screen, tap wifi icon with question mark at bottom left part.

3. You should see physical address listed on the screen, which is the wifi MAC address you need for successful connection when MAC addresses filtering option is used in router settings for connection.

Note down the listed wifi MAC address and save it in router settings. Then you should be able to connect BlackBerry PlayBook device to wifi internet without any problem.

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