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Internet is at the heart of Google Chromebook devices. Chromebooks are web enabled cloud based devices where all your data is stored in online cloud which can be only accessed through active internet connection. You can connect Chromebook to internet either using wireless wifi network or using wired network connection through cable. Either method of internet connectivity can be easily setup on Chromebook using following easy steps.

Connect to internet using wire on Chromebook

You can connect Chromebook to internet through wire using Ethernet USB adaptor. Please note, Chromebook will over-ride and always use wired internet connection whenever it is available (even if wifi connectivity is also available).

1. Connect the Ethernet cable to Ethernet USB adaptor with other end connected to your internet modem device.

2. Now plug the adaptor into USB port on your Chromebook. You can find USB port(s) of left and right side of the Chromebook device depending on the device model and manufacturer.

3. Once you connect the cable, click Network icon at top right part of the screen and select Ethernet option from the menu to make successful connection. Some networks require you to enter MAC address of device for connection, you can easily find Chromebook MAC address and establish internet connectivity.

Connect to Wi-Fi wireless internet on Chromebook

You can easily connect to any wi-fi network to access internet without wires (wirelessly). Chromebooks support generally used wifi networks including: standard 802.11 a/b/g/n and security enabled WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise networks.

1. Click Network icon at top right part of the screen and then click ‘Enable wifi’ option. If you do not see ‘Enable wifi’ option and instead have ‘Disable Wifi’ option – implies wifi option is already enabled on your Chromebook.

2. Wi-Fi network in the range will be automatically detected and listed under Network icon menu. Click on Network name of your choice for wifi connectivity.

If selected network is secured, enter the required WEP or WPA password key for successfull wifi connection. Status of network icon will tell your if Chromebook is connected to (wi-fi) internet or not.

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