Find MAC address of Chromebook


While connecting to internet, some networks may require you to enter MAC address of your Google Chromebook. You can easily find MAC address of Google Chromebook device from network settings. Once you know the unique MAC address of your Chromebook, you can enter that in connection details for internet to start working on your Chromebook. MAC address has format like: 00:22:D3:31:EC:60 on your Chromebook device.

Check MAC address details from Network icon

1. Turn ON your Chromebook device and check for Network Icon at top right part of the screen. Make sure you are not connected to any wifi or cellular network while checking for MAC address. You can click Network icon and then click Disable Wi-Fi option to turn off wifi connectivity.

2. Now click Network icon and check for MAC address details in the pop-up menu. It should be listed at the bottom of this menu.

MAC address on first time setup / Sign-in screen

You can also check for MAC address details on the first time setup or sign-in screen on the Chromebook device. While on this screen click Network menu and select More option to see listing of MAC address of your Chromebook device.

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  1. Thanks, but neither method works on the Samsung Chromebook I received today (July 20, 2011).

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