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Do you want to use Google Chrome as default browser on your Windows computer? For starters: default means, all web links will open in Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer (which is default on Windows PC) or any other web browser. Google Chrome is a fast and simple web browser to surf the internet. Due to its flexibility many users may want to make Google Chrome default web browser on their Windows computer. You can set Google Chrome as default browser using following procedure.

Use Google Chrome as default browser for internet

1. Launch and open Google Chrome web browser on your Windows computer.

2. Then click on wrench shape icon at top right part of the browser window. In the pop down window, click Options. This will open ‘Basics’ tab of the ‘Options’ screen.

3. Look at the bottom of this screen for big button that read ‘Make Google Chrome my default browser’. Click on that button to set Google Chrome as default web browser on your computer.

Video Demo : Setting Google Chrome as default

Once you have made Google Chrome as default browser, you can always revert this. Just open other web browser (for exampke Internet Explorer) and set it as default browser. Once this is done, Google Chrome will no longer be default web browser on your Windows PC.

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