Open Chrome, Firefox, IE with Run command


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are popular web browser for surfing internet on computer with Windows operating system. Ideally, to open web browser we either double click on browser icon on the desktop or goto respective option in the start menu. This is more convenient and easy for an average Windows users. There is another geeky yet simple method to open Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on PC using respective Run commands in the Run dialog box on Windows PC.

Run command to open Chrome, Firefox & IE

1. On your Windows computer, press Win + R keys to open Run command box. Alternatively, you can click through Start > Run to get Run command box on the screen.

2. To Open Internet Explorer, type iexplore in Run box and press the Enter key. You should see Internet Explorer window opened on the screen.

To Open Google Chrome browser, type chrome in Run box and press the Enter key to see opened Google Chrome window.

To Open Firefox browser, type firefox in Run box and press the Enter key. This will open launch Firefox browser window on your Windows computer.

Above method may be geeky, but if you love using keyboard more than mouse – then launching web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer using keyboard through Run commands may interest you more.

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  1. Gurumurthy says:

    What an idea. Improving the knowledge by short cut way. Thank you thanks a lot.

  2. maha singh says:

    very simple and best commands

  3. chrome does not works with the command “chrome ” in run command ,Kindly suggest some other keys 🙂

  4. Yogesh Nalawade says:

    Chrome command :
    1. type chrome in run box
    2. go to properties of chrome and copy the start in line and paste in run run box.

    Thanks & regards,
    Yogesh Nalawade

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