Run command to open Registry Editor on Windows


Registry Editor is an important component of Windows 7, Vista and XP operating system. In simple terms, Registry Editor hold the registered address of each and every application on your Windows computer. It contains values of various functions and components of Windows. Everytime a new applications is installed on the computer, a corresponding entry for the same is added to registry editor. So, when you try to launch an application – values and start information for the application stored in registry editor is used to finally open the application on the computer.

Open Registry Editor window using Run command

You can modify core features of Windows and applications by changing values in registry editor. However, for a newbie – registry editor can be overwhelmingly confusing. Any wrong value can crash whole Windows system and you may have to clean reinstall for recovery. So, be careful while editing values in registry editor.

1. Click Start button and then click Run option. If you do not have run button, press Win + R key to get Run dialog box on the screen.

2. Type regedit in the run box and press the Enter key. Windows 7 user will get UAC prompt window, click Yes button on it to proceed. This will open registry editor on the screen.

You can navigate various options on the left sidebar and view corresponding values on the right sidebar. You can also save current registry editor values by going to File > Export option at the top menu.

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