Where is Send To folder in Windows 7


‘Send To’ is a useful component of right click context menu on Windows 7 operating system. You can right click on any file and folder and see ‘Send To’ option in the middle of pop context box. Further, point over Send To and view various available options like compressed (zipped) folder, Desktop (create shortcut), Documents and more. It allows you to quickly perform specific routines on files and folders on Windows. You can also add more items to Send To but for that you need to know the location of Send To folder on your Windows 7 computer.

Find location of Send To folder on Windows 7

1. On Windows 7 computer, click Start Orb button to view search box.

2. Then type shell:sendto in the search box and press the Enter key. You can also type this command in run box. Open run box by pressing Win + R keys or goto Start > Run.

3. This will open Send To folder on your computer listing items contained in it. By default, Send To folder is located at:

Once Send To folder is opened, you can also delete and remove items from Send To folder. Also, you can copy to add more items to Send To and customize Send To option in right click context menu as per requirement.

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