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Google Chrome is a free web browser software from Google. It is a perfect alternative, if you are tired with slowness of Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. It has basic yet optimal look providing maximum screen space for browsing webpages. Google continously improves Chrome browser by releasing updates from time to time. Hence, it is important to know the current version of Google Chrome installed on the computer. This will help you indentify if Chrome on computer is outdated or up-to date with latest Google Chrome version release.

Know version of Google Chrome browser on PC

1. Double click Google Chrome icon on the desktop to launch Google Chrome browser on your computer. Once it is opened, check for wrech icon at top right part.

2. Click Wrech icon and then click ‘About Google Chrome’ option in the pop menu. You should see ‘About Google Chrome’ dialog box.

3. Check for Google Chrome version at the top of this dialog box. At the bottom, it will show current status of Chrome version installed on your computer as against latest Chrome version.

If outdated version is installed on your computer, it will automatically download and update Chrome browser on your computer in the background. After update, you need to restart the Chrome browser. Then you can perform above steps again to check and confirm on updated version of Google Chrome on your computer.

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  1. George Sutcliffe says:

    I use a outdated chrome based browser called SRWare Iron. And its version 4.0.280.
    I use this version because it works with all chrome plugins unlike the older versions. And it does not work with Google Instant which I do not like Google Instant. And it does not auto-fill in the address bar annoyingly like the newer versions do. This way I have a browser that does not annoy me, And is up to date enough to work with all websites. And it does not send back to Google at all like the newer versions of Iron do. So if you do not like Google instant and you do not want Google looking at your account numbers, You should try this browser too you can still get version 4 of Iron from filepig. Sometimes new does not mean good.

  2. plz help me by telling me what is the latest virsion of google chrome

    • Google: file hippo.
      In file hippo’s search box type in: google chrome,
      then look at the right and you’ll see the latest version on top and all the older versions below it.
      If you go one step further at the bottom of that old version list,
      click on: view more
      This will bring you to a screen with all those old versions and when those version were first released.
      I recommend downloading FILE HIPPO – it will assist you in keeping your programs updated by sending you a notice when there is a newer version is out and can be downloaded. You’ll love it.

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