Delete all data to factory restore BlackBerry PlayBook


Do you want to start fresh again with your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet? You can easily do this by restoring it to factory condition. Once you perform factory restore on PlayBook, it will be come in same condition as it was when you bought it new. While doing factory restore, all the data, applications and files added by you on PlayBook will be delete forever. Your customization settings will be lost as well during factory restore.

‘Device Wipe’ feature to factory restore PlayBook

1. While on homescreen, swipe down from top frame. This will open About options screen by default on your PlayBook device.

2. Then tap Security tab on left and then tap Device Wipe option on the right side. Then you should see Device Wipe screen (as in screenshot).

Word of caution: Before you proceed, do remember – Device Wipe will delete all files like videos, photos, documents. It will also remove applications, bookmarks that were added by you while using PlayBook. Also, once you perform device wipe to delete all the data – you cannot revert it to restore deleted data.

3. In the text box, type blackberry to confirm. Then tap Wipe Data button. This will lock PlayBook till ‘Device Wipe’ is being performed. Once it is complete, PlayBook will restart in condition it was when you received new. You can start fresh by adding application, files, data and customizations of your choice.

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