Set password lock on BlackBerry PlayBook


You do not want any other person to check your personal data and files on BlackBerry PlayBook device. While using PlayBook with people around, it is advisable to use lock password feature to keep content of your PlayBook secured. You can lock PlayBook when not in use and password will be required to wake it up or install new applications on the tablet. You can easily configure these security settings of selecting password of your choice and time after which PlayBook will lock automatically.

Add password locking BlackBerry PlayBook settings

1. First we need to open Security settings on the PlayBook. For this, while on the Home screen – swipe down from the top frame to get About screen.

2. Now tap the Security tab option on the left side. This will show ‘Security, control access to your device’ on the right side.

3. Tap on the Password option to view settings to add password to PlayBook device. Then tap Enable Password option to set it to ON mode.

4. You will get pop-up box to enter password of your choice. Then enter password again to confirm it, click OK to continue. You can also set time after which tablet should lock itself on the same screen to configure password settings.

From here on, you need to enter password everytime you want to wake up the PlayBook tablet device from sleep mode or install applications. It is recommended to configure and use password option to prevent unauthorized access to contents of your PlayBook tablet. Also, you can use options on the security screen to change or modify password in future.

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