Change screen brightness settings on PlayBook


Display of your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device may look little different in changing environmental and light conditions. You can easily configure brightness settings according to light conditions at your work place. Besides the manual brightness adjustments, you can make PlayBook tablet adjust screen brightness automatically as per environment using backlight dimming feature.

Change brightness & backlight settings on PlayBook

1. On your PlayBook Home screen, tap Settings icon (as seen in screenshot below).

2. Then tap on Screen option on the left panel, you should see options under ‘Screen – make adjustments to your display’.

3. Move the slider next to Brightness option to increase or decrease brightness of the PlayBook screen.

4. You can configure to turn off display automatically using ‘Backlight time out’ option. You can select either of 90seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes or 5 minutes option to turn off screen display.

5. For automatic adjustment of screen brightness according to surroundings use ‘Automatic Backlight Dimming’ option. Set this to ON status for best display on Playbook irrespective of light conditions in the environment.

On the same screen, you can also¬†adjust time to put Playbook tablet to sleep mode automatically. Select the time from drop down next to ‘Standby Time-Out’ option.

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