Check OS version, serial number of BlackBerry Playbook


BlackBerry Playbook is a rich multimedia tablet device. Each Playbook device has unique serial number for easy identification. Serial number of Playbook tablet is in XXXX – XXXX – XXXX format containing only numbers. You can easily check the serial number of your Playbook from About Screen. Besides serial number, you can also check other details like operating system version currently installed on your Playbook device.

Check BlackBerry Playbook serial number

1. On the home screen, tap the Settings icon at top right part.

2. Then tap About option on the left side to view basic details about your Playbook device on the right side.

3. Check for your Playbook device serial number on this screen.

4. You can see Operating system version next to OS version listing on the same screen.

5. It also show other details like BlackBerry ID and model type. You can also see number of applications, videos and music currently on your BlackBerry Playbook tablet.

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