Open Command Prompt for specific folder in Windows 7


Command Prompt windows is very important utility feature on Windows. You can perform basic routines on Windows quickly by using commands in the Command Prompt Window. Besides the default method of opening the standard Command Prompt window, you can open Command Prompt window directly from any folder with path location of that folder. This is possible using “Open Command Window here’ option in the right click menu.

Use ‘Open Command window here’ on Windows 7

By default, if you right click on any folder icon – there is will no such option of ‘open command window here’. However, you can expand right click option to get this command window option.

1. Press & hold the Shift key and then right click on the folder.

2. Then click ‘Open Command window here’ option.

This will open command prompt window will path reference of that specific folder. It is very useful when you want to run commands on contents of that specific folder and do not want to waste time navigating to that folder path using commands in command prompt window.

Default method to open Command prompt window

While above method opens specific folder path reference command prompt window. Following is default way to open command prompt window at root of Window user.

1. Click Start > Run to open Run window. If Run option is not there, you can press Win + R keys to open run box on Windows 7.

2. In the Run box, type cmd and press the Enter key. This will open command prompt window will reference to default root path of logged in Windows user.

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