How to lock screen on Windows 7 computer


Locking screen when moving away from computer system is very important routine for lot of PC users. It is important to lock screen to keep privacy of your computer activities. Also with screen locked, people around do not try to explore contents of your computer. It also deter other users to view contents on your computer screen. You can easily lock screen on Windows 7 computer using quick keyboard shortcuts key. You can also create desktop shortcut icon for locking screen.

Use Keyboard shortcuts to lock Windows screen

You can use combination of keys to quickly lock screen on your Windows computer. You can use either of following keyboard shortcuts for locking screen.

Window + L – Press and hold Windows key & press L key.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete – Press these keys to lock screen.

Create shortcut icon to lock Windows screen

1. Right click empty space on desktop screen and then goto New > Shortcut option. This will open ‘Create Shortcut’ window on the screen.

2. In the box with title ‘type the location of the item’ enter following (you can copy and paste directly)
C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

3. Then click Next button. On the next screen, you can give any name to this shortcut icon like Lock Screen.

4. Then click Finish button. A new shortcut icon will appear on your desktop screen. Double click that icon whenever you are leaving your computer and want to lock the computer screen.

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