Delete & remove Facebook profile photo


Facebook allows you to create personalized profile complete your personal details and images. You can easily select and upload specific photo to appear as profile image for your Facebook profile. At times, due to privacy concerns or other reasons – you may want to remove and delete profile photo displayed on your profile at Facebook website. Fortunately, you can easily edit profile photo to remove it or use other image to show as profile image for your Facebook account.

Hide & remove profile image on Facebook account

1. Login into your Facebook account at website. After login, you should see profile photo at top left part of the webpage.

2. Click Edit My Profile button under your profile name next to profile photo at top left section of the Facebook webpage. This will open Edit Profile webpage.

3. Now click Profile Picture tab on the left side of the settings page. This will show bigger size of your original profile photo.

4. Click Remove your picture link under the displayed photo to delete the profile photo. Alternatively, you can click choose file button to upload a different photo for your Facebook profile. You can also take fresh photo of yourself using webcam by clicking Take a Picture button.

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