Show or hide Gadgets on Windows 7 desktop


Gadgets are small application windows that can be displayed on desktop screen of Windows 7 operating system. Gadgets are shown in stylish boxes on the right of side of desktop. You can add and show different types of gadgets like clock, calendar, puzzle, currency, cpu meter, headlines, photo slideshow and more. Also, you can hide and remove gadgets from the desktop screen easily – if you find them cluttering the desktop screen area.

Show Gadgets on desktop in Windows 7

1. Right click on emtpy space on desktop screen and click Gadgets option. This will open Gadgets window displaying available gadgets on your computer.

2. Double click any of gadget to display it on the desktop screen. It will show up at top right part of the screen. You can add multiple gadget boxes on desktop screen.

Also, you can arrange them by moving around using mouse on the desktop screen. If gadgets do not appear on the screen, right click on desktop and goto View > Show desktop gadgets. Make sure this option is checked.

Is Windows Gadget Platform installed on Windows 7

If you still do not see Gadgets or Gadget option as explained above, check if Windows Gadgets Platform in installed on your Windows 7 computer.

1. Click Start and then click Control Panel option. Double click Programs and Features option in the Control Panel.

2. Then click Turn Windows Feature on or off option on the left side of the window. A new dialog window will open with title ‘Windows Feature’.

3. Click to check Windows Gadgets Platform option there and then click OK button. This will install required files for Gadgets feature to work on your Windows 7 computer.

Hide Gadgets on desktop in Windows 7

1. If you already have gadgets displayed on the screen and want to hide them selectively – hover mouse over specific gadget and click X button to hide it.

2. To hide all gadgets on the screen, right click emtpy space on desktop and then goto View > Show Desktop gadgets. You need to uncheck (no tick) the show desktop gadgets option.

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