Recover lost Skype password, email ID


Every Skype user account need an email ID used as username and a unique password. We cannot login into Skype successfully, if either of Skype password or email ID is incorrect. If you have lost password or do not remember email address used to login into Skype account – you can use recovery procedure to get correct login details for your Skype account. You can reset lost password and update new password for your Skype account. You can also recover forgotton Skype account password.

Recover Skype password using login email ID

If you still remember login email ID (username) for your Skype account, then you easily recover Skype account password through “Password Reset Request” form online.

1. Open Password Reset Request web form. Enter your Skype email ID address in the text box under “Enter your email address” option. Then click Submit button.

2. Now open your email account inbox to check email message from Skype. Open email from Skype in your inbox (check spam folder, if email message not found inside default inbox).

3. Email message will contain temporary code. Use that code to login and change your Skype password. In future, you can change Skype password at regular interval and avoid forgetting the same.

Recover email ID associated with Skype account

There are times, we may forget which email ID address was used for creating Skype account. You can easily recover email ID address associated with your current Skype account using password automation web form.

1. Open password automation form in your browser. Enter your Skype name, the name that appear for your account in Skype program. Alternatively, you can find out your Skype Name by asking someone who has you in their contact list.

2. Then click Submit button to verification. If you have not purchased any Skype subscription using existing email ID (which you are trying to recover), then this method may not work.

In that case, you have to attempt to recover password and username ID of Skype account in order to find out associated email ID address. Alternatively, you can create new Skype account – if nothing works in recovery procedure.

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  1. The above worked for me July 2010.

    Now May 26, 2011 I logged off instead of quitting Skype (May 25) I though I knew my password but apparently not.

    I followed procedure, submitted my email and was immediately told an email was sent to me to reset. Guess what no email for reset of password not in inbox or spam.

    I repeated the process 4 times over and hour or two with no luck.

    What now?

    Please fix this problem.

  2. i want to ask by google co, so i want email id of google co of uk pl help me.

  3. Junaid Ahmed says:

    it does not work

  4. Roderick Wilcock says:

    I am trying to open skype account but cannot get into skype because it askes for name and password and it just wont accept what i put in. i need your assistance, I had skype and used it alot but now a name & password is on the screen that is it ?

  5. Roderick Wilcock says:

    trying to activate skype but name and password forgotten , can you assist please.

  6. watsonperera says:

    i forgot my passward

  7. Please help me. I can not sign in my Skype. When I enter the user, password and Sign in the system has warning as below.

    “Index of file:///C:/ProgramData/Skype/Apps/login/

    Up to higher level directory
    Name Size Last Modified
    File:index.html 4 KB 8/26/2011 12:13:06 PM
    languages 9/2/2011 6:23:57 PM
    static 9/2/2011 6:23:57 PM”
    Please help me. Thanks a lot!!!

  8. I have forgot, can I get it?

  9. says:

    how to get my skype id and password

  10. i wanna know my old skype passward without any changes.pls tell me

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