How to change Skype password


Just like any web service, you need a unique password along with email ID (as username) to access Skype services. Password is important aspect of Skype user account. You should not share your Skype password anyone to prevent mis-use. Also, it is recommended to change password after specific period like 15days or one month to be on safe side. You can easily change and update new password for your Skype account. However, make sure your new Skype password is strong containing unique combination of alphabets and numbers.

Change & update new password in Skype

1. Open Skype program on your computer. Then login using your existing skype username and password. After successful login, you should see Skype window.

2. Now goto Skype menu option at the top and then click Change Password option. This will open Change Password dialog box in Skype program.

3. Enter or type you current (existing) password in first text box. Then type your new Skype password (it can be 6-20 characters long) in the text box provided on the screen.

4. Once you enter old and new Skype password details – click Apply button. Then sign out from Skype by going to Skype > Sign Out. Now try to login using your new password. Similarly, you can change and update your Skype account password anytime as per requirement in the future.

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