Read MS Word 2010 documents in Full screen mode


A single Word document file can contain lot of text pages. Sometimes, browsing through different pages in Word document can become difficult due to less reading space area. Fortunately there is option to increase reading space area to maximum which allow more comfortable reading. This is possible using ‘Full Screen Reading’ mode in Microsoft Word 2010 program. In this mode, document contents are displayed in maximum screen area without space hogging toolbars and ribbon at the top.

Use Full screen reading mode in MS Word 2010

1. Launch MS Word 2010 program on your computer. Then open any Word document files in MS Word program.

2. Once word document file is opened, click on Views tab at the top menu bar to access options for different reading styles in Microsoft Word 2010.

3. Then click full screen reading button (second from left) to view opened document in full screen mode. This will display document contents in maximum screen space.

4. To come out of full screen reading mode, press the ESC key and view should return to default MS Word layout for reading documents.

5. While in full screen reading mode, you can access various option by clicking View Options button at top right part of the screen.

You can configure various settings like: don’t open attachments in full screen mode, increase text size, show one page, show two pages, show printed page, margin settings, allow typing, track changes, show comments & changes, show original / final document.

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